Friday, 27 January 2017

Viva la Playa!

After hearing lots about it, some people even describing it as their favorite place in the world, the place with one of the best sunsets in the world, I finally made it to MAZUNTE, Oaxaca. The sign might as well said "Eva, welcome to Paradise!".

From San Cris (btw, I suggest buying the ADO tickets days in advance to be eligeble for up to 50% discounts) I caught a straight 11 hour overnight bus to Puchutla, Oaxaca. A couple of minutes away from the station (in front of Elektra) I hopped on another half an hour "camioneta" to Mazunte (15 pesos, while a taxi would cost you 10 times more), and after getting off I immediatelly knew I will be spending a chunk of time in this place of rainbows and unicorns.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
First of all, I was SO HAPPY to be back to the beach after 2 months spent in beautiful, but cold high-altitude cities of San Cristobal de las Casas and Antigua. It didn't come as a surprise that after only a few hours in this place, I was completely hooked. It doesn't get much better than this (for me atleast) - a relaxed, not overly touristy, super chill beach town, with pretty much perfect weather. Just over 30 degrees during the day, slightly chilly at night and a refreshing clean ocean to swim in... plus, there's a bit of a breeze - perfect conditions to get sunburned all over again! Not that I didn't enjoy my time in San Cristobal, far from that, but being here just made me realize that I really belong on the beach. After some yoga, barefoot walks, floating in the sea & some hardcore mosquito bites I felt more like myself, as I did in a while.

So even before getting here, everyone seemed to be recommending the Posada del Arquitecto, a simple hostel/cabana place, just steps away from the beach. Because there's no way of making a reservation in advance - for a dorm (90 pesos) or "Las Estrellas" (hanging beds overlooking the stars and the beach, 130/person, usually for sharing a bed), you need to arrive early - before check-out time and if you're lucky, you get the last dorm bed, which is exactly what happened in my case. Good start!

As I'm writing this in the lobby, I feel a painful sting in my foot and as looking down, I see a huge ass scorpion crawling away and go straight into panic mode, cause it brings back flashes from the jungle in Guatemala where I got stung the first time a couple of years ago. This time is was just as unexpected, but even more painful. The pain started going up my leg and I felt tingly sensations in my tounge and my lips, but luckily the local ladies at the bar gave me a "natural antidote", which is some lime juice with tons of garlic and a piece of it to put on the actual bite. Not sure if it actually helped, but just the intention was nice and after a while the pain numbed down and the tingly feeling went away. A new friend mentioned how I should take it as a sign and how the animals usually come to us for a reason. It's not like I stepped on it or anything, the motherfucker just bit me straight out of nowhere. I mention that my ascendant is in Scorpio, and she tells me how it might have something to do with me turning 30 this year - apparently hitting 30s you also enter the sign of your ascendant. Something to think about. Whether this is true or not.... it sure woke me up a lot more than the coffee I had earlier!

I was originally planning to spend up to 3 months here, volunteering at a local yoga/meditation community centre, but realized a few days prior to arriving here, that due to my passport expiration in early July, I'd have to be back to Europe in March. Bollocks. Atleast my mother is happy about this unfortunate cirtumstance.

So the next morning I went up to Om Shanti and after a really cool yoga session and randomly bumping into Julia from Puerta Vieja, I talked to the owner, who luckily agreed on me only staying for a month, instead of 2,5months. I still have a few days to do absolutely nothing and enjoy the lazy beach vibe, then I move in with the other volunteers and soon start work in one of the vegetarian restaurants, which are part of the yoga community. As much as I enjoyed the last month of vacation, I'm more than ready to start being a bit more productive once again. And stay put for a while, get to know the surroundings, the people, etc...

It'll be a bit tricky to purchase a flight ticket from this area, cause the internet's very mexican style. Today I'm going to check out Zipolite - a slightly busier nearby nudist beach where people give even less shit about what you're doing, what you're wearing, where you're going... hopefully they have better internet too, although I'm not really counting on it. Id love to upload some pictures, but yeah... not gonna happen. We are here after a different kind of connection afterall...

This might be it for a while from my side. So don't worry about me. I'll be working on my tan and blend in the hippie world as a pro... :)

Hasta pronto amigos!
I hope you decide to have a good day today.
Que le vaya bien!!


Saturday, 21 January 2017

Gente diferente!

After spending a year in Canada and starting my first real backpacking trip right after, buying my first travel journal (which really was the only simple notebook I could find in Livingston, Guatemala) I realized I had something to share, which is my own experience in itself, but after traveling for a while, I have found myself repeating the same old stories and recommendations over and over again... And for some reason people were interested in hearing it. Just as I was interested in hearing their stories, and to this day enjoy exchanging opinions and discussions about places to visit, things to do, life.., Oh life. Favorite topic of 'em all. So I've decided to share stuff here too. Won't be as personal as a diary, but as close as it gets in the online world.
So I'd give advice and share my experiences based on who I was talking to and what I thought they were looking for on their trips... (And everyone is looking for something...)

Traveling you meet all kinds of people. Young people. Old people. Stoners. Broke. Rich. Retired. Divorced. Quit-their-job. Straight out of highschool. Full time travellers. Ultra hippies. Alcoholics anonymous. People on vacation. Random people. People high on life... Some people come across as they've got it all figured out, but after a while you learn to see trough the mask. Because everyone's got one, to one extend. Different journeys, different paces and different ways to get there. We are all lost in our own way and we all like to wonder for some part of our days. Some people are just more honest about it than others. It's one thing being full of shit in front of others, but it's another thing when you have to look in the mirror, slap yourself in the face and be honest with the reflection.

Luckily, by traveling, you'd meet the most amazing, open-minded people. There's some that make you wonder why the hell are they traveling at all, but everyone's got their reasons and sometimes if you look close enough and take the effort to skip the first (often wrong) impression, people can truly surprise you. One second you think they're complete weirdos and the next one, they can be the most interesting people around. By open-minded I mean accepting difference & willingness to think outside the box. Ofcourse, some people are more interesting to us than others, depending on how much we have in common. But we learn something from each and every one of them. With some people you connect more and with some the click just doesn't happen. And that's OK. Gente diferente :) We can usually feel it when we meet "our kind of people". Sometimes you connect to someone instantly and have a hard time saying goodbye after knowing them only for days. And then again, sometimes you know people for months and it turns out they're not who you thought they were or vice versa.. Best is to simply accept the fact that it's time to go your separate ways, have a new experience and cherish the good times you shared.

People change. Feelings change. WE change. We outgrow some things and change our perspective, thank fucking godness... isn't that why we're traveling in the first place?

Most importantly, somewhere along the way, if you look hard enough.. might even be complete strangers. Somewhere down the road... you meet people who INSPIRE you. The few gems that make you reconsider your life choices and habits that are so engraved in you. People who make you THINK.

So what I'll be sharing on this newly born blog of mine, will be somewhat like what I just wrote. Might not make a lot of sense to most people, might be grammatically incorrect, but I'm writing it anyways! Because it feels good to write shit down :) Hopefully some of you will be able to relate. Or find some meaning in it, or even find some useful pieces of information.

I'm just in the middle of my 3rd travel journal (which are currently my most treasured belongings... besides my almost expired passport and bank card) & I hope I continue them till the day I die.
I'm actually very fucking lucky to still have them. A good friend of mine (Maja) just left a couple of days ago - we met up in Guatemala after more than a year and spent 10 days catching up and enjoying perks of Antigua - then I headed back to Mexico & she traveled back to Europe after 2 years of being away. As awesome as she is, she offered to take some of my "shit" with her.. Luckily I only gave her some gifts for friends (which can be easily replaced), but I remember changing my mind last minute to keep my journals, because "I was planning to maaybe finally start writing a blog". Just to have it all put together in another form, and needed my journals for the chronological order and reminders.
Anyhow, after a long couple of days Maja landed in Germany and her backpack never came down the treadmill... Yep, the airline lost it. So it turns out that this amateur blog idea was the one that saved my memory books. Still keeping fingers crossed the backpack turns up! But yeah, everything is good for something.

Look on the bright side. You never know what's around the corner. You never know who you're going to meet and how they will change your life. So stop planning too much. Embrace the uncertainty and live in the moment.

Keeping you posted...
Truly yours,